Why TimeTec TA ?

Checking Attendance in Cloud, Mobile and on the Web with

TimeTec TA
Efficiency is key in any business organization – the mismanagement of staff’s time & effort will only hold a company back. The usage of advanced time clock devices, such as FingerTec biometric terminals, and TimeTec TA , the cloud-based solution for automated Time & Attendance, will help your company operate at its full potential in the following ways:

Time Clock System

  • Minimizes Data & Human Error
  • Enforces Pay & Attendance Policies
  • Reduces Overall Cost, Maximizes Gain
  • Operates Quickly and Conveniently
TimeTec TA
  • Centralizes All Clocking Data
  • Provides Data Access to Connected PCs, Anytime
  • Performs Comprehensive Functions in a Friendly UI
  • Reduces Manual and Timely Admin Tasks
  • Ensures Application of Work & Pay Rules
  • Minimizes Compliance Risks Conveniently

Supplement your system even more with these features:

TimeTec Mobile

  • Verify, View and Manage Attendance Anywhere
  • No Connection, No Problem with Offline Check-In
  • GPS Locator to Minimize Dishonest Data

Web Clock In

  • Low Initial Investment, Highly Consistent Gains
  • Suitable for Small Offices