TimeTec TA Features – Security Assurance
TimeTec TA secures attendance data of your company and every login of your employee on the web.

SSL Security
TimeTec TA provides an optional Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to access your account. The SSL contains a 256-bit encryption between your computers and our servers, ensuring safe data transfer at all times.

User Passwords
All passwords used in the TimeTec TA are encrypted with SHA-2 encryption algorithm and they are never stored in readable format.

Automatic Timeout
User can configure the automatic log out time to guarantee that his account is safe even if he leaves the computer with his account still logged in.

Information Settings
Employees can set preferred settings for how their information could be used.

To ensure that your data is always secured, TimeTec TA performs a daily offsite backup that can data restore within minutes.

Data Center
TimeTec TA is hosted on the Amazon EC2 cloud platform to ensure a safe and reliable data management system.

Download Data As You Please
You can download your own account’s data at your own convenience, round the clock.