Frequently Asked Questions

On General Issues

Yes. TimeTec TA has more than 200 authorized resellers in approximately 120 countries. Kindly check the countries where TimeTec TA resellers are located. You may contact us via email, MSN, Skype, GoogleTalk for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week year-round service.
Currently, the TimeTec TA platform is located in West California, United States of America.
TimeTec TA is currently working with Amazon EC2 who acts as our Cloud platform provider.
Don’t worry about it, the offline mode in TimeTec mobile will still store and save the important information and transmitted it back to the server once you back online.
Definitely! However, if you are not sure whether any syncing occurs, refresh the screen and voila!
TimeTec mobile app can be installed free from iOS or GooglePlay but you only can utilize it to the fullest when you subscribe with TimeTec TA.
Then we should ask how many employees your company have and how complex is your scheduling? TimeTec TA’s implementation depends highly on your answer to the two questions, you can get it done in a matter of hours or for a larger organization it can be a few weeks. No worries, TimeTec support will always be there to assist you through.
Don’t worry, we deploy necessary process to keep your data safe and we have sufficient recovery plans in place to manage your data in our cloud.
Fortunately, no. TimeTec TA works across all browsers and all mobile devices.
In this cloud era, so long as you have an internet connection, our product is there.

On FingerTec Terminals

A FingerTec terminal is not a must if you want to use TimeTec TA. As an alternative, you may download TimeTec Mobile on your iPhone or Android gadgets or you can use our web check-in on any computer to clock-in your attendance. But nowadays, more and more companies are choosing biometrics terminals for attendance clocking to prevent “buddy-punching” activities, and some may choose RFID card terminals for the same purpose.
No. TimeTec TA does not support other brands of biometrics terminals. FingerTec terminals are reliable to be used with TimeTec TA, as they have been fully tested and seamlessly integrated into the solution.
All of TimeTec TA appointed local authorized resellers are well versed with FingerTec solutions. Hence, you can purchase or rent FingerTec terminals and get local support directly from them.
Usually software houses offer a lot of workforce cloud services without providing reliable hardware and sales & technical support network to ensure a smooth implementation. The brand FingerTec and its line of time attendance and access control devices have been in the market for more than a decade and the brand has received high recognition in product and support quality.

On User License

Staff turnover is never constant and always changing in a company. To charge for an individual license for every new recruit is cumbersome because you have to go through TimeTec TA license subscription and payment process before he/she can be registered into the system, or you will need to cancel a user license if he/she had resigned. Charging 10 users per block of user licenses would ensure that a company has some spare licenses to be used at anytime. The TimeTec TA license subscription fee is only USD2 per user per month, comparatively low in the market, and the minimum of 10 users as a unit of group license only to justify our investment and commitment to provide high quality and reliable system for you.
Yes, you can subscribe to a new User Group License anytime, and sync it to the expiry date (calculated monthly) of your billing cycle. You would be charged according to the remaining months of your existing expiry date. In reverse, if you want to reduce your User Group License due to staff reduction, you can unsubscribe and get the refund minus the administration charge of USD10 and bank charge accordingly.

Note: The Term of Subscription Discount is not applicable for additional User Group License subscription in between Billing Cycle.

No, we don’t impose terminal setup fee.
Definitely. Our system is designed to allow free trial data to be migrated to the subscribed account to avoid repetitive data entry and system set up.

On Free 10 User Licenses

You are not required to purchase any terminals from us to entitle you to receive the free TimeTec TA user-license block. Every FingerTec client automatically gets a block of TimeTec TA containing 10 user licenses for free.
No, one company is only entitled to a free block regardless of the amount of hardware purchase or the frequency of purchase from FingerTec or FingerTec’s resellers. However, if you would like to test on more than 10 user licenses, contact us to discuss further.
Don’t take out your wallet just yet; we don’t require any credit card information for this free account, believe it, it’s FREE. However, once you decide to add some more licenses, we offer several payment methods to go about.
You are not allowed to do so, because each company is entitled to only one TimeTec TA free account with 10 user licenses. It is troublesome for a company to maintain multiple accounts in operation and cumbersome to sync all employee’s data. Any violation of our free-license policy may lead to suspension of your multiple free user license accounts.
Yes, we will keep the data even when your account is inactive but efforts will be taken to alert you on your account’s inactivity.
Trust us, we will not leave you behind; our technical team will always be providing you with our full support because we treat all TimeTec TA account users the same; entitled to user’s privileges.
Yes, nothing is being hidden or disabled just because the account is free. We strongly believe that by providing companies with this free account, they can experience the benefits of the software in totality in managing their business, and in time, would consider TimeTec TA as the solution to handle their employees as the company grows.
No. We provided you the 10 user licenses free in one account and these users are fixed. If you want to use this for system for a long time, choose carefully who you want to include in the 10 users list.
You need to export every data of the employee before you proceed with the deletion.

On Trial

Definitely not. Since we never ask you for credit card information, we’ll not going to charge you for the solution and you’ll not be auto enrolled. But, if you would like to still use TimeTec TA, that first 10 user licenses are free for your company, for life.
Definitely not. Since we never ask you for credit card information, we’ll not going to charge you for the solution and you’ll not be auto enrolled. But, if you would like to still use TimeTec TA, that first 10 user licenses are free for your company, for life.
Definitely not! We want you to fully experience TimeTec TA so you can use web, app and if you have FingerTec biometric devices, you can connect them too.

On Payment

Yes. You can pay to our local authorized reseller. We will activate your subscription account once we have received payment from the local reseller.
We charge the subscription fees in US dollar. If you would like to pay using your local currency, you may choose to pay to our local authorized resellers. But the total amount would be based on the then exchange rate of your local currency against US dollar.
No. You just need to pay the exact amount on the billing.
TimeTec TA is a SaaS subscription model that allows you to determine your payment cycle. You want to pay annually upfront or you want to pay half-yearly, let us know.
TimeTec TA is flexible and you can adjust your purchases based on your requirements. If you want to add licenses, you can and if you want to reduce also you can. Don’t buy things in excess.
You can choose to purchase the licenses online or if you want someone to guide you through, contact us and we can connect you to the local company that can help you to determine what you need. Whatever you choose, please know that we are here to help you.

On Termination

Yes, you could get the refund for the unutilized subscription calculated by months minus the administration charges of USD 10 and bank charges.

If your subscription fee was paid to our local authorized reseller, you have to inform them to help you terminate your subscription and you have to get your refund from them.

Yes, we will send you a link via your registered email for you to download your data in csv format. It is recommended that you download the relevant data during the grace period of 45 days. After the grace period, we will remove your data from our server and any lost of data after that grace period is regretful.
Renewal of your subscription is available within 45 days of grace period after termination is approved. After that, your data will be removed from our server, and you have to start with a new subscription and go through all the system set up process again.