TimeTec TA Features – Employees
TimeTec TA stores and manages employees’ profile and login information, and provides a clear picture of distribution of workforce in different locations, branches and departments across an organization.

Tailored to Match Your Workforce Size
Regardless of whether you are a company with 5 persons or a company of 5000 persons, TimeTec TA can be tailored to suit to your company’s workforce strength.

Multi-level Access Accounts
Different access levels are provided for different levels of authorized personnel. An administrator can create new individual accounts with specific authority for them to view and edit the attendance data and reports of employees under their supervision while normal employees can login to check his/her attendance individually.

Batch Processing of Employee
A digital file with employee details in CSV, TXT or XLS format can be exported from an existing payroll or HR software to TimeTec TA, reducing the amount of complex data entry works.

Employee Working Status
Checks the working status of employees from all locations with just a few clicks in TimeTec TA, without having to alert any local administrators.

Employee Performance Evaluation
Provides detailed reports of employee’s attendance which could be handy during assessment and evaluation.

Employees Local Time Zone
For companies that have offices around the world with different time zones from the TimeTec TA server, you have the option to set the time zone to make the attendance report in tandem with the local time.